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CA Family Law Mediation: Child Custody

September 15, 2023

In the midst of a divorce or separation, nothing is more critical than the well-being of your children. It’s an emotionally charged time, and decisions about child custody can intensify those feelings. Fortunately, for families in California, there is an effective, less adversarial solution — child custody mediation. Through the help of Tierney Law Group’s […]

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CA Family Law Mediation: Parenting Plans

August 18, 2023

The very thought of family separation can be a challenging event, even more so when children are involved. Devising a parenting plan may feel like navigating through a maze, yet it is crucial for your child’s well-being. The Tierney Law Group takes the helm to steer your parenting plan mediation in California toward a harmonious […]

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The Role of a Divorce Mediator

July 21, 2023

Navigating the turbid waters of divorce can feel like traversing a labyrinth without a map. The emotional turmoil, the legal complexity, the potential contention: it’s a daunting task to manage alone. Enter the divorce mediator, a trained professional who serves as the lighthouse in the storm, guiding separating couples toward amicable resolutions. Leveraging a Pleasanton […]

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When Is Divorce Mediation a Good Idea?

July 07, 2023

Every couple’s wish is to have a long-lasting, loving marriage. However, life often has a way of redirecting our plans, sometimes leading us down the path of divorce. This can be a highly emotional and challenging process. Fortunately, divorce mediation in California provides a less adversarial alternative to traditional divorce proceedings. The Tierney Law Group’s […]

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What to Bring to Divorce Mediation

June 23, 2023

Divorce, in and of itself, is a grueling process that carries emotional and psychological baggage. Now, imagine navigating the labyrinth of legal requirements and negotiations during the dissolution of your marriage – daunting, right? This is where the process of divorce mediation comes into play. An avenue for dispute resolution, divorce mediation in California offers […]

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Is Divorce Mediation Legally Binding?

June 16, 2023

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to ending a marriage. You’ve likely heard a few horror stories about the divorce process, but did you know that there is a more collaborative and respectful option? This is where the concept of divorce mediation comes into play, and it has significantly transformed the way couples […]

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The Eviction Moratorium in Alameda County

June 09, 2023

Understanding the intricacies of real estate law is often fraught with challenges and confusion. One of the most pressing issues currently faced by both tenants and housing providers in Alameda County is the Eviction Moratorium, a temporary halt in evictions due to the state of emergency that ended on February 28, 2023. With this, the […]

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Visitation Issues Covered by Mediation

May 05, 2023

If you are in the midst of a divorce or dissolution, it is not a fun place to be. It is hard no matter which way you look at it and it can be even more difficult for the children involved. This is the reason that child custody mediation is very important in divorce proceedings. What […]

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When Can You Use CA Divorce Mediation?

April 21, 2023

Mediation is a very important part of the divorce or child custody litigation process throughout the United States, including California. Divorce mediation in California can be ordered by a judge as part of the divorce process or parents can choose to enter into mediation. What is CA Divorce Mediation? Normally, a divorce litigation process includes […]